Open Letter To The Americans And Allies On Nigeria's Chief Justice Onnoghen's Criminal Conduct Featured

Walter Samuel Nkanu Onnoghen and his supporters Walter Samuel Nkanu Onnoghen and his supporters DCG

Dear Americans,

An Open Letter to the Americans, by Essiet Ufot

I write this letter to you with a heavy heart to express my frustration on  image of yourself you have presented to the world as callous human beings who see your exclusive happiness as the collective joy of the whole world. My frustration is consequent upon the betrayal of the high esteem I once placed in you Americans and your system. 

While growing up, several times, I stayed awake all night reading about American politics and how great American leaders took the lead in shaping the world to ensure equal rights before the law. I admired the Americans for their stout opposition to a close society of the USSR that didn't permit private initiatives to grow the Russian society. I once praised to high heavens the Americans' opposition to communism that was perceived to aid stunted growth in the East.

You Americans and co-conspirators in Europe care less if corruption kills Nigerians as long as the rogue you want as President clinches the trophy.

The Americans led the world in preaching equal opportunities for all human beings. But later, within the same system, the Malcom Xs and the Martin Luther Kings, among several other black people, became lesser beings in the society that pretended to share common values.  Years later, your hypocrisy came to the open, as events revealed that even within the American system, your values were compromised for a selfish agenda driven by frivolous differences in the colours of the skin. 

Jamaica is part of the America's larger heritage. But within that precept, you created a wall of difference because of your contempt for humanity largely driven by commerce to drive down to the valley the values you think are a threat to the Whites' pre-eminence over the rest of humanity.

You led a conspiracy that led to Bob Marley's murder and you were the first to run to the media that Marley died of cancer. You ran Libya down, and today the misguided Libyans are biting their fingers for misleading them into a scheme that has ruined their lives. You hounded OJ Simpson to the gallows, among other murderous instincts that would place the white Americans at the primacy of American political and economic social ladder.

When you seemed exhausted, you turned against fellow white skins to hound President Bill Clinton over liaisons with Monica Lewinsky after suborning her friend, Linda Tripp, to help you ruin a career that seemed to protect the poor.

Atiku you once called a rogue and you barred from entering America after declaring him wanted for a crime, is the one you turned around to smuggle to America...

But God rose against you in the last presidential election to expose you as a bunch of people without integrity when it took the Russians to manipulate your system to produce your President in Donald Trump; a cowboy dandy, who knows what political power is but does not understand its essence.

This last week, your arrogance that knows no bounds moved you to support fraud in Nigeria when you started breaking the air by supporting the fraud perpetrated by Chief Justice Walter Onnoghen,  by raising eyebrow to condemn the outrage that greeted Onnoghen's criminal concealment of fraud through false declaration of assets that include 55 houses, $3m dollars and pound sterling kept in secret foreign accounts, all that are forbidden by the law of Nigeria among public servants. You saw nothing wrong in it few days after you allowed a man you once declared wanted for crime, Atiku Abubakar, over criminal conduct he perpetrated in a conspiracy with an American citizen, William J. Jefferson, who you have since sent to jail while you are shamelessly seeking to protect his accomplice, Abubakar Atiku, who you have seen as a comprador that will sell Nigeria to you wholesale for 10 cents. Jefferson is in jail in America for conniving with Atiku to commit fraud, but for your dumping ground in Nigeria, you want a thief that will promote your interest to become the President.

Your hypocrisy and connivance were exposed when you hastily acted a prepared script by linking the suspension of Onnoghen with election petitions. Yet you and your allies in UK and EU are always preaching fairness in electoral contests and justice system, even though you were dumb when Buhari was recording major breakthroughs in the fight against corruption in the courts where notorious thieves in government in Nigeria were convicted. It took Onnoghen and other crooks to frustrate these major breakthroughs by reversing the lower courts judgements. Today, the crooks, including Senate President Bukola Saraki and Governor Nyesom Wike of Rivers State are back to the national limelight after Onnoghen saved their heads through criminal manipulation of the courts. You know all these but your economic interests that the crooks will protect for you will not allow you to talk.

Against all odds, Atiku you once called a rogue and you barred from entering America after declaring him wanted for a crime, is the one you turned around to smuggle to America to promote his ambition that will protect your interest.

No wonder, your hypocrisy boiled over, leading to your sworn enemies, Russians, to beat you to your game to determine your political direction and future by producing your President in Trump in a manipulated poll.

In your callousness, you have seen President Muhammadu Buhari as a man who loves his country and who will not sell his country to you at one cent, hence you embrace Atiku Abubakar in the promotion of an agenda that will make Nigeria subservient to the American economic and political control. Yet in your America, you have kept Atiku's soulmate in crime, Jefferson, behind the bars over same offence.

It is your wish that Nigerians are kept under fortune while promoting your economic interest. That is why you are railing at the process that will hurt the rogues that are promoting your interests in Nigeria while a leader that has interests of Nigeria at heart is seen as your enemy who you want to silence or blackmail in your wickedness to ensure that black race is perpetually kept under fortune.

Some questions for you, you pretentious and callous Americans who like to be seen as clean as snow but in morals more dirty than the pigs: Who killed Bob Marley and encouraged apartheid to fester in Southern Africa? If Chief Justice Walter Onnoghen were to be a George Bush to commit perjury in the crime-prone state of Detroit by falsely swearing to an oath to hide his assets, including the hidden 55 houses and several millions of dollars in illegal foreign accounts,  where will your American justice system put him? Onnoghen intentionally postponed indefinitely the NJC meeting that would have advised him to step aside over allegation of corruption and was shamelessly hiring shameless SANs to protect him. If this travesty of justice is committed in the US and Europe, what will you do to such a man at the head of your justice system? Will you allow the so-called due process he has effectively blocked to determine the safety and sanity of your legal and justice system?

OnnoghenYour hypocrisy and callousness will not allow you to answer my questions except  Russians and possibly Chinese come to your aid to teach you on what the appropriate answers should be. You rate election matters in Nigeria that will promote your interest above strengthening the values of Nigerian justice system that promotes public good among Nigerians.

You Americans and co-conspirators in Europe care less if corruption kills Nigerians as long as the rogue you want as President clinches the trophy. You need him because he will not protect Nigeria's interest but  your interests to steal our commonwealth like your forefathers did to the black race. As we speak, Nigerian thieves and criminals keep their stolen wealth in your banks and that is okay for you to run your economy while Nigerians live in abject poverty back home.

Russians are your great teachers and counsellors that now lead the way in giving you a life and government because you are irredeemably pretentious. They will never tolerate the fraud by the like of a Nigerian Chief Justice that you are supporting today. That is why Russians and Chinese are shaking you from your sleep in all spheres of life because of your pretence and dishonesty. Your former President, Bill Clinton, allegedly had affair with Monica and for more than six months, you did not allow the world to rest over a liaison between two consenting adults, but here in Nigeria, a Chief Justice criminally holds dollars and pounds sterling in illegal foreign accounts against the law and you now make yourself his attorney sweating to protect the rogue in the guise of not following due process, the due process that Onnoghen himself had effectively blocked by postponing the meeting of NJC indefinitely but you pretend not to know that the due process you are talking about starts from NJC.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, your teacher and counsellor who understands what you want more than yourselves, propounded a theory that worked for the Russian society that in a corrupt system (like Nigeria), you do not need total adherence to due process but you apply necessary process. He did it in Russia and today he is the America's pathfinder because of your hypocrisy of value. Indeed, your support for the blockade of due process by Onnoghen has strengthened the need for necessary process, which President Buhari rightly did.

Nigeria is a country you see as a rogue society, yet you are promoting tendencies that will perpetually hold the country down in bondage by crooks that promote your interest. That is why a decent country, Switzerland, is returning stolen wealth kept in that country by criminals in Nigeria, but in your shamelessness and greed, you have kept sealed lips over stolen funds kept in your country by criminals in Nigeria.

Enough of your hypocrisy and wickedness. Nigeria is a corrupt system made so by your unconscionable agents who have no souls and which you want to sustain to protect your interest. They are desperate felons. If you want to make due process impossible in Nigeria by supporting Onnoghen in his blockade of Due Process, you cannot stop Nigeria from applying Necessary Process to address that desperate leadership disease that haunts and gnaws at the souls of Nigerians everyday.

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