World Cup: Africa calls for re-introduction of rotational system Featured

World Cup: Africa calls for re-introduction of rotational system

African FIFA delegates now want a rotational system to be reintroduced after a failed attempt by Morocco to secure the 2026 bid.

Malawi FA president Walter Nyamilandu, speaking to BBC Sports insists that rotational system is the only solution adding that amendments should be enacted to change the bidding process.

"Rotation would be a solution," Nyamilandu said.

His sentiments were shared by his Liberian counterpart Musa Bility. Liberia did not vote for Morocco as the North African nation bid flopped after it garnered just 65 votes. The triple bid by USA, Canada, and Mexico won after getting 134 votes.

"We should ask for an amendment to the bidding process that would allow rotation to come back," added Liberia FA president Bility.


The rotational system was stopped in 2007 after South Africa had been given the green lights to host the 2010 finals.

"I think this would be acceptable to Fifa because the World Cup is about taking football to the people. There is inequality in the status of countries around the world so you need laws that will allow the tournament to rotate. You saw the margin of the vote - there was no way Morocco was going to win." Bility added.

 The 2022 finals will be held in Qatar.

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