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Africa Youth Cup gets Presidential backing Featured

Africa Youth Cup gets Presidential backing

Things are looking up for the maiden edition of the Cape Verde 2019 Africa Youth Cup billed for April, as the tournament has received the full backing of Cape Verde’s number one citizen, Dr. Jorge Carlos Fonseca.

The President in his 2019 New Year broadcast to the people of Cape Verde listed the Africa Youth Cup tournament as one of the major sporting events the country was looking forward to host in 2019.

“Cape Verde will host major international sporting events in 2019. In the city of Praia, an important U-16 international football competition, the Africa Youth Cup, will take place this April, with the participation of important clubs from Europe, Africa and Latin America and with the high sponsorship of the president.

“The Island of Sal will host the first African Beach Games organized by the Cape Verdean Olympic Committee in June and will bring together all the African Olympic Committees ahead of the hundreds of young people from our continent.

“The city of Praia will also host next October the African League of Handball Champions Clubs, which will involve half a thousand youth and leaders.

“We must all strive to ensure that these events are important successes for sport, for fraternization among young people and for the image of our country,” Fonseca stated in his broadcast.

With the recent visit of Newman Ebiegberi to Cote d’Ivoire and Mrs. Maria Luzia to Nigeria for the continued promotion of the Africa Youth Cup, including the affirmative statement from the president of Cape Verde, things continue to look bright for the Africa Youth Cup tournament, which aims at replicating in Africa what already obtains in Europe, Asia, and South America so that Africa can also be counted among continents in this regard.

According to Ebiegberi, the visit to Cote d’Ivoire helped to guarantee the confirmation of one of the foremost teams in that country, Volcan Junior Academie, a product of the most established sports management company called Ivoire Sports Promotion.

Newman was full of joy to announce that the air fare cost to Praia, Cape Verde has greatly reduced thanks to Air Senegal.

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