Pfizer joins AMP Health Partnership to increase access to care in Africa Featured

Pfizer joins AMP Health Partnership to increase access to care in Africa

The Aspen Management Partnership for Health, AMP Health, and Pfizer are working together in an innovative partnership to help advance access to healthcare in Africa.

AMP Health is a partnership of cross-sector organizations that resides at the Aspen Institute and works with ministries of health (MOH) to scale up national networks of community health workers (CHW) to reach the hundreds of millions in rural areas without access to health care.

Support from Pfizer will allow AMP Health to build on its work in Kenya, Malawi, and Sierra Leone strengthening the leadership and management capacity necessary to develop and implement systems of tens of thousands of CHWs and expand its work to new countries, including Zambia and Ghana.

“Pfizer is thrilled to join AMP Health to support their goal of strengthening community health systems. We believe their approach to building capacity and leadership is paramount in driving change and creating resilient healthcare systems at the national level,” said Caroline Roan, Vice President, Corporate Responsibility, President, Pfizer Foundation – Pfizer. “Pfizer and AMP Health share the goal of improving healthcare systems to ensure that people have access to quality healthcare when they need it.”

Pfizer joins AMP Health’s network of partners – which includes Gavi, GSK, Horace W. Goldsmith Foundation, Margaret A. Cargill Foundation, Merck for Mothers, the Office of the United Nations Special Envoy for Health, Sall Family Foundation, and USAID – as a sign of the growing cross-sector commitment to strengthening health systems in Africa.

Pfizer’s support to AMP Health will leverage USAID private sector matching funds. At USAID, this initiative is led through the Center for Accelerating Innovation and Impact (CII).

“At USAID’s CII we’re keenly focused on business-minded and innovative approaches to achieving our global health goals. That’s why we’re so excited to welcome Pfizer to this growing partnership,” said David Milestone, Acting Director of USAID’s CII. “We believe AMP Health’s model of empowering local leaders by leveraging private sector leadership and management principles is a development model for the future. One that puts countries in the lead and supports local emerging leaders in building stronger, more resilient, and sustainable health systems.”

“We are thrilled and honored to partner with Pfizer and USAID to help build sustainable health systems for the hardest to reach,” said Michael Park, Director, AMP Health. “Their support, along with that of our other cross-sector partners, will allow us to enable countries to reach tens of millions of people with life-saving services.”

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